Privacy Policy
(in application of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR)

The BisAMP web interface is part of the DKFZ web domain. Therefore the Privacy Policy of the DKFZ applies.
Englisch: Privacy Policy
German: Datenschutzerklaerung

Additionally: 1. By using the BisAMP web interface the user confirms the compliance of his/her data with the GDPR.

2. By uploading her/his data to this web site, the user implicitly consents to the data being stored for the duration of the BisAMP analysis followed by 48 hours to 1 week. User data is kept exclusively for BisAMP processing and a necessary short period of corresponding storage. User data is deleted automatically by either of the two following procedures:

- Data is passively removed when it is older than two days. This means that deletion of data older than 48 hours is triggered by any new BisAMP analysis

- Data is deleted actively, if older than 48 hours, after 1 week at the latest.

3. The BisAMP web interface does not retrieve nor use any personal information of the user.

4. The BisAMP web interface does not use any cookies.